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Whiteheads are small raised bumps that can be white or the same color as your skin


Whiteheads are small white, raised bumps that can be the same color as your skin

Blackheads are very small dark spots.


Blackheads look like dark bumps

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads

ARAZLO Lotion treats two types of acne

Noninflammatory acne

Noninflammatory acne happens when your skin produces too much oil, causing your hair follicles to become plugged. This causes the white and dark bumps commonly called whiteheads and blackheads.

Inflammatory acne

Inflammatory acne happens when clogged pores cause the bacteria on your skin to grow out of control, causing inflammation. This results in the kind of acne that is red and swollen.

Inflammatory acne looks like small, pink bumps, called papules and pus-filled blisters, called pustules. Inflammatory acne can also cause scars that remain even after acne has cleared.

Papules are small pink bumps that don’t contain


Papules look like small, pink bumps

Pustules are pimples with pus inside.


Pustules are pus-filled blisters

  • Papules
  • Pustules

Moderate to severe acne can cause scarring and hyperpigmentation

Scarring can look like raised areas of skin or indented spots.


Scarring can look like raised or indented spots

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) can look like flat spots of discoloration.


PIH are flat spots of discoloration on the skin

  • Scarring
  • PIH

The good news? You can help prevent both by starting treatment early.

Scarring is a condition that results in uneven skin surface. It can happen when your body makes too much or not enough collagen when repairing inflammatory acne. Scarring is more likely to happen if you leave your acne untreated for years.

Acne can also cause patches of skin that are darker than your normal skin color. This is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (or PIH), and it happens when your body produces too much melanin while a blemish heals. Melanin is what gives your skin its color.

Different types of skin respond to acne in different ways

Acne can happen to all of us, but its impact can vary based on your skin. Inflammatory acne, which has been linked to scarring, is more likely to cause hyperpigmentation in darker skin, while causing redness in lighter skin.

was studied in people with different backgrounds

Regardless of whether they had darker skin or lighter skin, many patients saw clearance with ARAZLO Lotion.

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What is ARAZLO?

ARAZLO® (tazarotene) Lotion, 0.045% is a prescription medicine used on the skin (topical) to treat people 9 years of age and older with acne, which can include blackheads, whiteheads, and other pimples.

It is not known if ARAZLO is safe and effective in children under 9 years of age.

Important Safety Information

ARAZLO is for use on skin only. Do not use ARAZLO in your eyes, mouth, the corners of your nose, or vagina.

What is the most important information I should know about ARAZLO?
  • ARAZLO may cause birth defects if used during pregnancy.
  • You must not be pregnant when you start using ARAZLO or become pregnant during treatment.
  • Use effective birth control during treatment.
  • Stop using ARAZLO and tell your healthcare provider right away if you become pregnant during treatment.